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A customer of the Canadian switch cabinet manufacturer Mariposa Electric had a problem with the water supply for his dairy farm. This was done via two separate dug wells, about 2 km from the farm and located in the middle of a corn field.  The dug wells are connected to a power supply and a water pipe to the barn. Pressure tank and pressure switch are located in the barn.

A single well could not cover the total demand for drinking and washing water. To ensure supply, the customer spent over 150 USD per day on a water truck.


Solution description

Mariposa Electric was looking for a solution for its customer and found it in the new TELE load alternator with timing relay functions.

The switch cabinet builder reinstalled the existing power supply for both well pumps. Pressure switches signal the TELE pump changing relay that water is needed. When the pressure switch requests water, TELE’s E1ZMLA10 activates contactors, which switch and alternately activate the well pumps.

Switching between the two wells gives the unused well enough time to recover before it starts supplying water again. The farmer did not have to request the water truck once since installing the TELE relay.

Benefit/added value
  • Increased failsafe performance of the pumps (security of supply)
  • Even wear of the pumps
  • Cost-saving solution
  • Time savings due to less organisational effort (ordering tank trucks, invoicing…)



Application image: Stijn Te Strake (Unsplash)

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