Automatic pump control for water tanks

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Situation 1: The water level in the tank should be kept constantly full. Two pumps are operated in turns to minimise wear and tear and to ensure operation with one pump for maintenance.

Situation 2: The water level in the tank is to be kept constant with only one pump running and the other pump being in maintenance or defective.

Solution description

Solution 1: With a full tank, no pump is activated (L1 or L2) because S is open. When the float switch is switched on for the first time, pump 1 (L1) is activated. When the level is full again, S opens, the pump switches off and sets the output to L2. No pump is running yet. If the level drops again, S switches on and pump 2 starts until the level is reached again. S then opens again, stops pump 2 and switches back to L1 without current load on the contact.

Solution 2: To activate the service or manual mode, set the function switch from LA (Automatic Load Changer) to L1 or L2, depending on which pump you activate. This can be done at any time regardless of the current status. If the float switch is switched on, the selected pump starts. When the level is reached again, S switches the pump off. After maintenance work, set the function switch back to LA and the next pump cycle starts the automatic system as described above with pump L1.

Benefit/added value

By keeping the water level in the tank constant, the pumps are prevented from running dry and thereby prevent operational standstills or production losses. Thanks to regular, alternating use of two pumps, wear is reduced and reliability increases. If one pump is defective, the second pump can keep up operation simultaneously. It is also possible to maintain one pump while the second is running.





Anwendungsbild: Alireza Khoddam (Unsplash)

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