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Bernd communicates from the process level

TELE's modular remote I/O system measures various parameters depending on use and is not sensitive to interference

From stand-alone solution to automation system

The modular Bernd system from TELE Haase reliably measures and monitors voltage, current, active power, phase sequence, temperature and digital signals in tough industrial environments. Bernd is very talkative and effectively communicates the measured values from the process level directly to the automation level.

At a glance

Bernd is voltage-proof for direct measurement in low-voltage networks, interference-resistant, overload-capable, galvanically safe and completely free from additional converters, measuring transducers or isolation amplifiers. If necessary, the system even works reliably with inverter-fed machines. Bernd is thus a key component in industrial digitization. As a largely open remote I/O system, the device can be integrated directly into the sensor level and can work with any CPU and various buses (e.g. Profibus, Modbus-RTU, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet / IP), for easy remote maintenance and integration into any control system.


Wherever a connection between measuring circuit and control circuit is required in machines and systems at a low voltage level, Bernd feels especially at home. The design of the terminals, the clearance and creepage distances, the robust design and the voltage resistance allow it to be used directly in the machine’s control cabinet. The galvanic isolation of the modules makes it possible for a single system to monitor several system components. Bernd measures directly at the process and communicates safely and reliably. This allows intelligent maintenance management through online access to all relevant key indicators and data, up to the individual measured values.

Added value

  • Integration into the sensor level
  • Robust and resistant to interference
  • Direct communication from the process level
  • Modular design
  • From stand-alone solution to automation system

Application areas

  • Process industry
  • Water & Waste
  • Transport
  • Renewable energy
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