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Automatic Network Disconnection Device for Italy

Automatice Network Disconnection Device for Italy (CEI 0-21)

Tele offers a new voltage and frequency monitor in accordance with the CEI 0-21 regulation (Italy).  The new G4PF21-1 is now available to order.

As of July 1, 2012 this is the new standard in Italy. TELE has a fitting solution for the CEI 0-21-Norm.

The new relay can be implemented in all decentralized power plants (>6kVA) in low voltage mains such as photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower, biomass and thermal power plants




  • Improved grid integration of decentralised energy power plants
  • Grid protection by gridsupporting functionalities (disconnection outside tolerances)
  • Plant protection through monitoring upon inadmissible parameters



Functions for G4PF21-1 (Art. Nr.: 2394513):

  • Grid and plant protection according to CEI 0-21
  • Monitoring of switch component(s)
  • Additional digital control input
  • Digital adjustment including password protection
  • Compact design (45mm width)



was the  G2FW50HZYFA02-Italia regarding to DK5940 (Art.No.: 2390911).


Norm requirements: CEI 0-21:

  • Integrated protection functions: Average calculation of 10 minutes, monitors maximum and minimum voltage, monitors maximum and minimum frequency.
  • Digital interfaces: Signal interface for remote disconnection (“teledistacco”), Interface for frequency band switching (“comunicazione” and “commando locale”)
  • 2 changeover contacts: one CO for electric contactor control via DDI (Only 1 contactor necessary) and one CO for monitoring of contactor status (error notification)


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