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Area of tension and the “playing field”

Flexible organisation versus traditional production?

Here at TELE – in the company of the future – every company can and should initiate and promote independent projects. Decisions are made democratically in committees and are usually taken quickly. Like in an innovation laboratory, we here at TELE are able to try things out and learn from our mistakes. This is the only way our company can remain agile and respond flexibly to a constantly changing environment.

We believe that innovation happens when people from different disciplines come together and have fun. Which is why we are open internally as well as externally. We are happy to pass on our knowledge and invite anyone who is interested to visit TELE. This builds trusts and allows for a fruitful dialogue, face-to-face. When there is something that we do not yet know ourselves, we learn through cooperation with other players in the TELE Cosmos. Simply Open.

Strict framework conditions

We are not only forward- and outside-the-box thinkers, but also an industrial company with in-house series production that is subject to numerous provisions, guidelines, standards, and restrictions. The protection of humans and machines must be guaranteed. Error rates influence costs and high quality standards require a comprehensive set of rules with regular internal and external audits. In addition, some of our production staff members do not speak German well and often do not have the confidence to be assertive within the organisation. Working hours for production are also strictly regulated by law. Flexible working hours are hard to implement legally. Everything must be documented and lawmakers constantly assume abuse. The result is unnecessary bureaucracy and loss of flexibility.

Fruitful “playing field”

Despite all obvious limitations, our in-house production offers many invaluable advantages. Like trying out new ideas. Our electronics developers take their ideas and plant them in fertile ground. The first prototypes are developed in our workshops with all available machines. The idea takes shape. Series production is the final and real “playing field” where we test the viability of the products for mass production. It is in this way that our solutions become more innovative and our production is stimulated with continuous improvement, including in the area of ​​sustainability. Together with our gas supplier, for example, we are developing a better process for gassing in the wave soldering process, improving replacement logistics, and learning about the challenges of incorporating 3D printing down the road. Our experience is growing every day and we also make know-how and resources available to others. Would you also like to profit from this? Then contact us!

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