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Discover TELE's new E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC!

Unprecedented combination of functions in one single compact device

Unprecedented combination of functions in one single compact device

When do I need the E1ZMLA10 from TELE?

  • for optimization of load utilization by runtime compensation of two loads (motors or pumps)
  • when the same loads are used for the same tasks and one or more standby units should be available
  • if several loads are to be alternately given the same term to counteract deterioration and loss of the safety margin due to lack of use
  • when additional capacity peaks occur and the relay is supposed to switch on several loads simultaneously to keep up with demand (changeover function “LA”) – triggered by a control switch such as a float switch, manual switch, time relay, pressure switch or other isolated contact

What are my advantages with E1ZMLA10?

Easy to use

The powerful load and pump alternator, from the ENYA series, scores with its good accessibility on the front and can be easily mounted and adjusted manually by an electrical engineer without the need for programming or software expert personnel. Be it manual, automatic or fixed adjustment – everything is possible.

Extends the life of motors & equipment

Thanks to alternating change of use of two motors, E1ZMLA10 creates a particularly high degree of reliability and protection of systems against (total) loss, and extends the machinery’s service life thanks to reduced wear. Since both motors are consistently used alternatingly, availability of the replacement motor in case of failure of the main unit increases.

A further advantage is the possibility to service, repair or replace a system or machine motor while the system remains running.

E1ZMLA10 thus increases the reliability of systems, increases operational safety, optimizes maintenance cycles and avoids expensive consequential damage and production downtimes.

Suitable for industrial applications

The relay’s robust design and the usual high TELE product quality are ideal for industrial use, and guarantee durability and long-term operation of your motors and pumps. The industry’s most compact and space-saving DIN-mounting-rail design speaks for themselves. TELE’s reliable load and pump alternator demonstrates its strengths primarily in the control of (liquid) pumps, electrical heating or ventilation and cooling systems.

For worldwide usage

E1ZMLA10 also makes it easy for cross-border maintenance companies, control cabinet, machine and plant manufacturers and users. The relay is tested and approved for worldwide use (UL, cUL, CE, EAC).

Key Facts: 

  • Article nr.: 110218
  • Supply voltage: 24-240V AC/DC
  • Functions:
    LA – load alternator (automatic + manual)
    R – OFF delay
    – ON delay
  • Time range: 50ms – 100h
  • Output: 1 isolated change over contact (SPDT; 8A@250V AC)
  • Mounting: on DIN-profile rail, clamping connections
  • Housing: IEC style 17.5 × 87 × 65 mm
  • Certification: CE, cULus, ULs;

Where can I order the new E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC ?


  • Data Sheets: DE , EN, ES
  • CE – Declaration of Conformity/Konformitätserklärung EN/DE
  • UL – Certificate (US) EN
  • cUL – Certificate (Canada) EN


Circuit Diagrams

Product Code

24-240V AC/DC
Move the mouse over above product code for an explanation.


Sample applications in which the E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC demonstrates its strengths:

Reheating for industrial ovens

Automatic baking time control with switch-off delay and optional signal output is enabled by E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC.

Automatic well control

TELE’s E1ZMLA10 ensures water supply for cleaning and animal care via well pumps on a remote farm.

Flutter-free operation of wastewater tanks

E1ZMLA10 ensures fail-safe operation of pumps, in automatic or manual mode with time relay functions.

Where can I order the new E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC ?

Application picture (at the top): Febiyan (Unsplash)

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