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Security and Energy Efficiency

TELE monitoring solutions provide security and energy efficiency at all levels. Relais, load monitors, power electronics and grid and system protection optimize the lifetime of machinery and equipment and the energy demand of buildings. This saves costs.

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Your Smart Factory

We use what we’re best at – innovative technology – to make the world a better place. But as “smart implementers” we are not necessarily the “inventors.” By collaborating with customers, partners, and innovators, we turn sustainable ideas into practical solutions.

For us, our “Smart Factory” is a playground where we can take action in accordance with our values and create new things together.

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Our Grid Protection - One for All

The new grid and system protection RE NA003 with its compact design covers all main country standards in one device. All relevant parameters can be flexibly set directly in the field via Open Setup. This allows for permanently programmed, country-specific standards to be individually adapted, if required.

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Tele NA Schutz Tele RE NA003


TELE is focused on finding the right solution for their clients. TELE products are used in a wide variety of applications. No matter if you are running a small photovoltaic power plant and need a grid protection or if you want to protect just your fountain pump in your garden. We have the right solution for your problem. Challenge us!

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