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We have operational excellence in the development and production of control and monitoring components for automation applications in industry and building automation.
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TELE makes photovoltaics smarter
TELE develops and produces solutions that enable photovoltaic systems to be operated in a technically safe and cost-efficient manner.
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One for all
The NA003-M64 safely disconnects plants for generating renewable energy from the grid and combines all standards across countries in one device.
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Security and Energy Efficiency

TELE monitoring solutions provide security and energy efficiency at all levels. Timing relays, monitoring relays, load monitors, power electronics & grid and system protection optimize the lifetime of machinery and equipment and the energy demand of buildings
– this saves costs.

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We know your industry and find the right applications for it. With the functions you can imagine and at the price that suits you. Here you will find a selection of monitoring and control applications that have already been implemented for special problems. Take a look at TELE solutions in the real world from A to Z and find your industry solution or get ideas for your next project.

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