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Security and Energy Efficiency

TELE develops its best grid and system protection to date. Through flexible programming, the device can be adapted to the pre-installed standards of various countries and for individual requirements.

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TELE receives EAC approval

TELE receives EAC approval. Zertifikat berechtigt zum Import in die Eurasische Zollunion.
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Elevator safety

Elevators are expected to be reliable and fulfill strict safety requirements. TELE's monitoring solutions in the main control cabinet minimize risks for riders…
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thyristorsteller-anwendung-tele (3 von 2)

Thyristor controller with phase angle control

With the TST01, TELE now has a new thyristor controller for stepless control of power consumption of inductive and ohmic loads.
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Polycarbonate housing and switch cabinets from FIBOX

With the new CARDMASTER line of products from FIBOX, TELE now has a series of housings that provide reliable protection for measurement and control equipment…
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TELE Agrilution

TELE begins collaboration with Agrilution

TELE enters into cooperation with the Startup Agrilution and developed for the Vertical Farming System Plant Cube is a software -based control module .
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Modern urban wastewater treatment plant

Capacitive fill level sensor

Effective immediately, TELE's product line now includes the new SMART PADDLE capacitive fill level sensor from Rechner for monitoring the fill level of bulk…
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Tele Intersolar

TELE at Intersolar North America 2015

The largest solar meet-up in the USA – Intersolar North America 2015 – took place from July 14 through 17 in San Francisco. And Tele was a part of it.
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Softstarter protects electric drives

With the MS3, TELE now has a new softstart device for continuous power metering of asynchronous motors in its product range.
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Grid stability in the control cabinet

TELE introduces the new V2UF voltage-drop detector. The unit continually monitors the voltage in the supply grid and detects short interruptions, so-called…
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Der multifunktionale Netz- und Anlagenschutz Tele RE NA003 deckt alle wichtigen europäischen Ländernormen in ein und demselben Gerät ab. / The Tele RE NA003 covers all main country standards in one device.

Grid and system protection

Tele develops its best grid and system protection to date. Through flexible programming, the device can be adapted to the pre-installed standards of various…
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Tele bringt Sicherheit in die dunkle Jahreszeit.

More safety with current relay

Our family of current relays ensures reliability in any situation. Our current relays of the Enya, Veo, Gamma, and Kappa series.
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Companies of the future and the innovative startup FREYGEIST make the perfect combination for the Electric Drivestyle e-bike.
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Small power plants must be disconnected from the grid immediately in the event of a network shutdown or network disruption to avoid any danger to people and…
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Pump monitoring and optimisation

Pump monitoring: Pump systems are responsible for a large percentage of current worldwide energy consumption.
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NEW: Active current transducer

New in the TELE product range: GAMMA series active current measurement device with analogue output.
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Automatic Network Disconnection Device for Italy

Tele offers a new voltage and frequency monitor in accordance with the CEI 0-21 regulation (Italy). The new G4PF21-1 is now available to order.
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Your Smart Factory

We use what we’re best at – innovative technology – to make the world a better place. But as “smart implementers” we are not necessarily the “inventors.” By collaborating with customers, partners, and innovators, we turn sustainable ideas into practical solutions.

For us, our “Smart Factory” is a playground where we can take action in accordance with our values and create new things together.

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Our Grid Protection - One for All

With our new, optimized grid and system protection, we tackle an important problem: many countries – many standards. Effective immediately, the new RE NA003 with its compact design covers all main country standards in one device. All relevant parameters can be flexibly set directly in the field via Open Setup. This allows for permanently programmed, country-specific standards to be individually adapted, if required.

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Tele NA Schutz Tele RE NA003


TELE is focused on finding the right solution for their clients. TELE products are used in a wide variety of applications. No matter if you are running a small photovoltaic power plant and need a grid protection or if you want to protect just your fountain pump in your garden. We have the right solution for your problem. Challenge us!

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Renewable Energy

Safe separation of wind power plants from the grid

Grid and system protection from TELE safely separates wind power plants from the grid in the event of a fault. The unit is programmable, making it suitable for…
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Industrial Plant

Power failure monitoring CNC milling machine

In order to detect momentary power failures in a CNC machining center, the system is equipped with the TELE V2UF230V10 voltage-drop detector.
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Renewable Energy

Safe grid separation for photovoltaic systems

Grid and system protection from TELE safely separates photovoltaic systems from the grid in the event of a fault. The unit is programmable, making it suitable…
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Renewable Energy

Safe grid separation for small hydroelectric power plants

Grid and system protection from TELE safely separates small hydroelectric power plants from the grid in the event of a fault. The unit is programmable, making…
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Industrial Plant

Metering pump dry­ running protection

The metering pumps in a paint production plant should be prevented from running dry.
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Facility Management

Fountain fill level

The fill level must be monitored in fountains so that the water pump can be activated when the water level is too low.
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Facility Management

Manure removal system­emergency stop

Monitoring of the manure removal system. The conveyor system must switch off when it is blocked by animals or a stoppage.
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Spitzenlastabdeckung Abwasserpumpe-10
Water & Waste

Sewage pump peak load­coverage

Two pumps are installed at a sewage pumping station that are to be run alternately for equal periods to ensure equal wear.
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Industrial Plant

Pulp production data­collection

Monitoring of the production line for cellulose fibre. The operating data for the conveyor belt drive motors must be collected and sent to the higher-level…
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Industrial Plant

Pulp manufacture­current measurement

Multiple motors are controlled by a frequency converter. The frequency converter can only measure the total current, but not the power draw of the individual…
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Cable car­brake ­ monitoring

Monitoring of the direct current brake on the cars of a ski lift. To ensure the correct car spacing when reattaching cars to the cable, the car is braked if…
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Renewable Energy


Monitoring of the operating state of the belt scraper. The belt scraper could get blocked. This can cause the drive chain to become damaged or break.
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Renewable Energy

Grid and­ system­protection

Compliance with power utility standards and specifications regarding frequency and voltage for feeding power into the public power grid.
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Industrial Plant

Crusher ventilation­monitoring

Monitoring of a fan motor for V-belt breakage or slippage.
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Other Applications

Gas and­electric ovens

Delayed timing relay with a temperature range up to +65°C
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Industrial Plant

CNC contour­cutting­machine

Activation and deactivation of a uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
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